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Pederson cover.jpgDialectical Behavior Therapy: A Contemporary Guide to Practitioners 

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The_Expanded_Dialectical_Behavior_Therapy_Skills_Training_Manual_Practical_DBT_for_SelfHelp_and_Individual.jpgThe Expanded Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Manual: Practical DBT for Self-help and Individual & Group Treatment Settings

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Dialectical_Behavior_Therapy_Skills_Training_for_Integrated_Dual_Disorder_Treatment_Settings.jpgDialectical Behavior Therapy in Dual Disorder Treatment Settings

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Current Projects

Current book projects include Essential Elements of Effective Therapy: Ideas & Interventions to Improve your Practice as well as the second edition of The Expanded Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Manual. Both are expected to be published in late 2015.


I had searched far and wide for a qualified presenter to provide DBT training to our staff at our local mental health center. As the Clinical Director at Siouxland Mental Health Center I was particularly interested in someone who understood outpatient clinical practice and could explain DBT in a way that fit our reality at the mental health center. I feel very fortunate that in my search I was lead to Dr. Lane Pederson. Dr. Pederson was the right person for the job because he has provided direct care to Borderline patients for many years, and he has operated and directed outpatient clinics similar to our own. Dr. Pederson understood the realities we face on a day to day basis, and he had real-world solutions to the problems we encounter in an actual practice environment. Dr. Pederson was very accessible and explained his teaching style with a desire to make sure he was the right fit for our agency. Our staff of 25 therapists thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humor and his ability to relate to his audience. More so, they were impressed by his technical knowledge and his overall competency when it comes to delivering DBT to clients, and teaching DBT to other professionals. I can honestly say that when anyone asks me about DBT trainers, Dr. Lane Pederson is the only name I provide. From our experience, he's simply the best!

W. Kuehl, Clinical Director, MSW, LISW