Frequently Asked Questions

How many days of training does my organization need?

The amount of training needed depends on your organizational goals. If the goal is to provide basic familiarity with DBT skills and concepts, one day may be enough. However, if the goal is to have therapists begin to the practice some DBT, two days is the minimum recommended. For organizations that want to begin to use DBT more extensively or to establish DBT programming, three days is the minimum recommended, with four days being more preferable to maximize experiential learning.

Of course, the amount of training needed is also influenced by the current skill level of your therapists and their existing familiarity with DBT and CBT concepts and techniques.

How much are the training fees and costs?

Dr. Pederson has an established daily speaking fee that is discounted when multiple day events are booked. This fee covers the training as well as all development and travel time. As events and budgets vary, he does sometimes negotiate fees for small groups and organizations, or for delivering a keynote speech at national conferences and special events.

Costs related to travel, lodging, ground transportation, and a daily per diem are in addition to the speaking fee.

Depending on the number of therapists trained, the convenience and value of a private event is often a cost-effective choice.


Are trainings and seminars approved for continuing education (CE) credit?

Due to large variations in professional licenses and processes for approving events for CE from state to state, organizations are responsible for securing appropriate CE credit. Dr. Pederson will provide needed information such as learning objectives and the program outline to facilitate the process upon request.


How soon can I book an event?

For maximum availability, it is best to plan an event at least three to six months in the future. Depending on availability, events can sometimes be scheduled sooner.


I had searched far and wide for a qualified presenter to provide DBT training to our staff at our local mental health center. As the Clinical Director at Siouxland Mental Health Center I was particularly interested in someone who understood outpatient clinical practice and could explain DBT in a way that fit our reality at the mental health center. I feel very fortunate that in my search I was lead to Dr. Lane Pederson. Dr. Pederson was the right person for the job because he has provided direct care to Borderline patients for many years, and he has operated and directed outpatient clinics similar to our own. Dr. Pederson understood the realities we face on a day to day basis, and he had real-world solutions to the problems we encounter in an actual practice environment. Dr. Pederson was very accessible and explained his teaching style with a desire to make sure he was the right fit for our agency. Our staff of 25 therapists thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humor and his ability to relate to his audience. More so, they were impressed by his technical knowledge and his overall competency when it comes to delivering DBT to clients, and teaching DBT to other professionals. I can honestly say that when anyone asks me about DBT trainers, Dr. Lane Pederson is the only name I provide. From our experience, he's simply the best!

W. Kuehl, Clinical Director, MSW, LISW