DBT Training

The Process to Book Trainings, Seminars, and Keynote Speeches


Different organizations have different needs, and the training process begins with determining your goals. Each initial contact is followed up with a scheduled call to discuss your event and the type and depth of training desired. For some that will be a four-day DBT intensive with extensive experiential practice, and for others it may be a two-day DBT overview, a one day introduction to DBT concepts, skills, and tools, or a customized speech delivered at a special event.

“One size fits all” does not work for clients, and it does not work for training either. Whatever your needs, Dr. Pederson works to understand what you want so he can make targeted recommendations and customize the training content and approach accordingly. This includes reviewing your organization’s services and clinical philosophy and tailoring the DBT training to it.

If the phone conversation and follow-up communications indicate an effective match between Dr. Pederson’s services and your organization, then the details of your event related to content, scheduling, and other logistics are formalized in a straightforward contract. 


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Lane Pederson is hands down one of the most dynamic and sought after speakers we have ever worked with. He has taught thousands of professionals across the country always with exceptional evaluations. What impresses me most about Lane is his commitment to putting evidence based practice into the hands of clinicians to improve client outcomes. The expertise and passion he brings to his seminars has made him one of our most sought after speakers. Lane has established himself as one of the nation's leading authorities on DBT through his seminars, best-selling books and commitment to exceptional client services.

Michael Olson, MS, MBA